Things You Must Know Before Choosing Counter Surfaces for Your Kitchen 

One of the exciting parts of designing your kitchen is to choose your countertops. However, before you become giddy and thrilled, you must first determine or list down your goals about what you want to attain with your remodeled or new kitchen. This would aid you to determine particular types of countertops that would suit your preferences. Here is a list of questions that you must ask yourself first before considering any type of countertop to select. 


  • Are you going strictly follow a particular feel and look that you have imagined, despite any other factors to consider?

Providing a “wow” factor to your kitchen is definitely exciting. If you think your countertops make your kitchen stand out, then do it. But, you must not ignore practicality and don’t expect that your countertops would be used to the things that actually occur in the kitchen on a daily basis. In short, you need to be realistic. 


  • Are you aiming for stuff that’s affordable and easy to maintain?

For surfaces that are easily maintained and affordable, the laminate would be the best option to consider. Most types are quite reasonable when it comes to price, yet some of the premium laminate products are not as inexpensive. A durable granite with darker color is also a great choice. 


  • How often will you use your countertops in the kitchen?

Busy kitchens require a countertop that would last and still look great even after you cooked in that area several times. Search for materials that would last long and won’t require too much care. Some of the preferred choices are engineered stone (quartz), granite, and laminate. 


  • What type of long-term durability do you want?

Other surfaces such as wood, metal, and even solid surface would display signs of use as time passes by. It could either be in a form of dulling because of scratches or changes in color. Quartz and stone surfaces incorporated with lava stone and tile, which possess extremely hard surfaces would be the best ones to maintain the look over time. Laminate is also one of the best options that could be used in the long term that keeps the look. 


  • What maintenance level are you willing to do for your countertops?

Other countertops take minimal effort to keep compared to others. Laminate does not need much TLC aside from regularly wiping it down to maintain its look. Lava stone, solid surface, and engineered stone are within this category, as well. Other surfaces need periodic upkeep and sealing such as wood and a few natural counters. You have to be realistic about your decisions and assess yourself first before you choose your surface for your kitchen countertops 


  • Do you want a more eco-friendly countertop?

There are options you could select if you want countertops to be made from recycled and sustainable materials for an environmental-friendly kitchen. If that matters to you, then the recycled/composite category is one to consider. Wood is one of the greatest alternatives to achieve an environmental-friendly counter, specifically reclaimed wood.